Digital Desk Solutions EZ Screen

Digital Desk Solutions EZ Screen 1.0

Digital Desk Solutions EZ Screen is a spot color separation application
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EZ Screen is a spot color separation application that features the most accurate color separation in the industry. It is designed to be all the steps between finished digital art and printing your films.
If you are looking for a way to save time on your art-to-screen process and improve quality in the process, look no further. EZ Screen is the most powerful software you’ll find to turn your art into films. Our color separation engine is extremely accurate and will simply make the best films possible using the inks you select. Furthermore, it will take those color separations and process them all the way through to final film, including trapping, halftoning and adding film information. Separate photos to 3 or 4 inks and do it all in under 5 minutes.
Does your customer want changes? No problem! Now you can afford to change your art even after you have separated it, because re-separating is painless! And, with every run you will get a preview image as a bonus, so your customer knows exactly what the final result will look like.

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